Sep 6, 2015

About Me

About Me
Certified Magento Developer, Magento architect and public speaker

About Max Pronko

One of the leading Magento developers, Max Pronko has built his career by being proactive software developer with Magento Commerce core team.

After successful eCommerce launch for one of the leading American automaker, Max quickly became a Magento Architect for Magento Community and Enterprise Edition releases. Now, he runs technology vision as Chief Technical Officer in The Irish Store and Gifts Direct. Along the way, Max became a well-known member of the Magento Community, sharing his knowledge with developers via conferences, blogs and videos.

Currently, Max builds payment integrations for Magento 2, successful migrations and actively contributes into Magento Marketplace success.

Hire me to speak

Proven public speaking experience on various Magento Conferences.

  • Best practices for checkout customisation in Magento 2, Meet Magento Italy 2017, Milan, Italy
  • Building secure payment integrations in Magento 2, NomadMage, 2017
  • Checkout in Magento 2, Magento London Meetup 2017, London, UK
  • Checkout Architecture in Magento 2, Magento Meetup Ireland 2017, Dublin, Ireland
  • 5 real examples customizing Checkout in Magento 2, MageConf 2016, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Real use cases of performance optimization in Magento 2, Magento Meetup Budapest, 2016, Budapest, Hungary
  • Key Insights into Development Design Patterns in Magento 2 at Magento Live UK 2016, London, UK
  • Magento 2 Design Patterns at Magento Meetup 2016, Dublin, Ireland
  • Magento 2 Development Practices at Magento Imagine Conference 2014, Zeppelin Track, Las Vegas, USA
  • Magento 2 Full Page Cache at Magento Imagine Conference 2014, Las Vegas, USA
  • Magento Testing Framework at Magento Imagine Conference 2014, Las Vegas, USA
  • Starting Point of Magento Optimization at Magento Imagine Conference 2013, Las Vegas, USA
  • New Mechanism of Magento Indexers at Meet Magento Conference 2013, Germany
  • Magento Indexes Architecture at Meet Magento Conference 2013, Netherlands


  • Magento Certified Developer
  • Zend PHP Certified Developer
  • Mongo Certified Developer
  • Master degree in Computer Science, 2010, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • Master degree in Logistics and Management, 2010, Kyiv, Ukraine.

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