Magento Tech Digest #1 - News, Tutorials and Tools (August 1-20, 2017)

Magento Tech Digest #1 - News, Tutorials and Tools (August 1-20, 2017)

Hello everyone!

My name is Max Pronko, I am a Magento Expert, Developer and Consultant. I was looking for a place with a high quality content for Magento developers. While searching and reading through different social media platforms and other websites I've realized that it will be great to have a single list with technical tutorials, tools, news around Magento platform. That is how I came up with the idea to start a digest for developers called “Magento Tech Digest - News, Tutorials and Tools”.

In this Digest you can find hand-picked tutorials, how-to articles, videos, tools and other interesting resources for developers. I also plan to share most interesting and highly discussed pull requests and issues in the Magento 2 repository. The Magento Tech Digest is going to be published every 2 weeks.

News and Releases

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Magento 2 GitHub Pull Requests - Max's TOP favourites

The TOP Magento 2 Github Pull Requests list is a hand-picked list of contributions from Magento Community I believe you have to check:


  • Fabian Schmengler, Magento Developer and Consultant @integer_net, is writting a book called Test Driven Magento. This book is going to give a practical introduction into test driven development (TDD) with Magento 2 and walk through a complete module creation as an example. You may subscribe to Fabian's newsletter to receive emails about preview material and updates.
  • Vinai Kopp, Magento Expert, Developer & Trainer, is launching new project called is a library of screencasts on Magento 2 development. You can vote for topics which are going to be used for further Magento 2 Screencasts preparation.

This is all for the Magento Tech Digest #1, hope you found it interesting.

In case you would like to contribute to the next Magento Tech Digest please send me a message with your proposed link.

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