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Learn in just 2 days how to improve your development skills by attending the Advanced Magento 2 Developer Training. Our instructor is prepared to answer any questions about Magento 2 best practices.



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Advanced Magento 2 Developer Training will take you through 8 major architectural concepts and will help you become confident with your own development with Magento 2. Find below this section the details for each day


Architecture Overview

We'll start the training by reviewing architectural principles and concepts used in Magento 2


Customization Points

After we'll learn how to customize Magento 2 and how to use tools that are available


Practice Time

Finally, we'll perform practical exercises to better understand Magento 2 and close any open questions


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During the training, we will to practice Declarative Schema creation. The database changes are going to be reviewed and we will learn how to migrate your old Magento 2 extension to a new format.
We are going to practice Web API and develop endpoints for a Magento 2 extension. We will extend an existing Web API endpoint for a checkout functionality by following the best Magento 2 development practices. And a practical exercise to better understand GraphQL.
We are going to review the implementation of a custom UI Component which will give a solid understanding of how to write an XML file, how data interception and modification works on a backend side.
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Magento Development Practices

Magento 2 training enables you to create the best extensions using and sets up your course or service for success.

  • Service Oriented Architecture best practices
  • Dependency Injection & Object Manager
  • Common Magento 2 developer mistakes overview
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When you register you are enrolled to the entire 2 days training which will enable you to understand Magento 2 concepts, develop high-quality functionality which follows best development practices. Of course we'll also teach you how to evaluate your actions and take the right decisions.

£499 Regular Price

£299 Special Price

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Bonus: Personal PHPStorm License is included.

Need an invoice or pro-forma? Send an email to max@pronkoconsulting.com

Magento 2 Training Will...

  • Teach you how to understand and approach the Magento 2 platform for better development results
  • Help you find hidden value in your code and launch it successfully
  • Provide you with the best architectural ideas to implement on your Magento 2 features
  • Highly increase your confidence level to undertake bolder projects in your industry

Magento 2 Training Will Not...

  • Waste 2 days of your life for nothing because the Magento 2 Training is packed with highly valuable data
  • Provide you with untested methods and techniques because everything we teach is from real-life
  • Make you spend £299 pounds without improving your skills ten times more than you would imagine
  • Leave you stranded at the end of the training because it will guide you towards reaching your goals


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Max Pronko

Magento 2 Developer

Max has a broad industry experience built while working for famous corporations and innovative startups which makes him a great instructor.

  • Highly enthusiastic problem solver
  • Enjoys to share information with peers
  • More than 9 years of Magento experience
  • Works with Magento platform 7 days a week

"Max has mentored several developers, influenced positive change within his team and Magento company. Max made Magento a better place to work by motivating people around him."

Sherrie Moore - Senior Development Manager, Magento


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  • Q

    What happens after I register ?

  • A Upon registration you will an email confirmation about the successful registration. The venue details are to follow.
  • Q

    Is the training guaranteed, can I ask for refunds?

  • A Of course, the training is 100% guaranteed which means you can ask for a refund anytime but before 1 week to the training date and receive the full reimbursement of your money. So your investment is risk free.
  • Q

    Are you sure the content is genuine ?

  • A This training course stands on its own with original content based on real life commercial development experience conducted by instructor. We haven't used other online resources or trainings free or paid.
  • Q

    Can I request a VAT Invoice for my company ?

  • A Absolutely, please email to info@pronkoconsulting.com with your company name, address, and number of attendees for the training. We will follow up with the invoice in 24 hours.


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Advanced Magento 2 Developer Training is highly recommended to anyone interested in developing their development skills, either for extension or in-house development. I've taken this training last year and now I run my own development agency.

Larry Backer - StartUp Founder in the UK
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