11 ways to personalize customer’s experience on your website

How does the personalization process of your customers look like?
Here we paid attention to the widely used tools to be trendy with clients.

Let’s get acquainted with them closer!

Social networks linking

Put a script on your site, which can get you all the information needed from social networks. And the possible one is the one left open by the person himself.

Besides, send a personalized email asking to subscribe if you are interested or unsubscribe from the newsletter. Very often, as a lifeline for the drowning, you can use Pop Up: the user offers a discount or free shipping to a visitor who wants to leave the site.

Subscription form

In the beginning, you can only find out your name and email. If a person is interested in something specific, then it is very important to give them the right to choose. Give an alternative to your customers.

It is also possible to submit additional offers using advertising on Google, email or SMS. 

Product XML

Product XML is one of the most common channels of personalization and segmentation. The site will only need to put a small code that will then allow you to show visitors the product they have already viewed.

Interactive method

Technology is rather simple: to create interactive sharing. On the site, you create a form where visitors have to leave their data in exchange for something from your arsenal of surprises.

Formulate a month

To decide what you are trying to convey to the end consumer, first outline the topics that will be addressed by the developer during the sales process. At this point, insights from your sales team or project manager will help.

Define your audience

You must have a clear understanding of how the information should be provided. In turn, this means that you have to choose the right tone and style of submission. A good starting point is to analyze the bottlenecks and conflicting points in your sales.

Follow the client’s path

Study the needs of your audience and learn about the steps they’ve taken while interacting with your brand. Create an infographic of this process, work through the different steps of this journey for clients from different target groups.

Divide and conquer

Group your audience into separate funnels or segments. Good help may be the techniques used in UI / UX design: create multiple characters and identify their needs as your readers. Then start testing your posts through content feeds – via email marketing, blogs, or messengers.

Keep up to date

Find out the details that determine the performance of each stage of your sales cycle, select your keywords, and adjust your triggers to match them. This approach will help you create a long-term strategy to support an effective marketing strategy.


One of the most popular types of personalization is the differentiation of visitors by geography. Moreover, depending on the business and nature of the offer, personalization by geography may differ. Regardless of the purpose for which you will use geographical personalization, it will allow your customers to feel special and predispose to communicate with you.

Industry personalization

Each representative of this or that vertical, as a rule, has specific requests and requirements, and for them, as you understand, typed messages will not work.

By adapting your website and trading offers to the specifics of the user’s industry, you thereby attract his attention and become more attractive.

Hope this list will help you to find the right path to your customers` hearts!

Which tool is yours?







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