5 Reasons Why You Should Be Involved in the MageStackDay

MageStackDay 6 is a perfect time to help each other. I decided to share my 5 reasons why you should be involved in the MageStackDay.

Every day we solve issues related to Magento platform. It can be small style change in LESS file or complex refactoring of a custom Magento 1 or 2 module. Every time I find a solution to a problem I have “eureka” in my head. This solution could be 1 hour long or a full week of looking for a root cause of an issue inside the vendor/magento/* modules or custom modules.

The point is that maybe someone has spent this 1-40 hours dealing with the same or similar problem as you. Why don’t we help today and your effort will be appreciated?

MageStackDay 6 is a perfect time to help each other. I decided to share my 5 reasons why you should be involved in the MageStackDay.

MageStackDay is an online hackathon dedicated to answering questions on magento.stackexchange.com & Magento community forum. It’s all about getting together online and enjoying the best thing about Magento: community!

Find New Friends

I remember my first MageStackDay back in 2015 when I’ve just started participating in answering questions at magento.stackexchange.com website. At that, I didn’t know that there is even a dedicated event for answering Magento related questions.

We were having MageStackDay chat with all participants who were answering questions. I can’t describe involvement in helping each other to answer as many questions as we possibly can. I found new Magento friends: Anna VölkMarius StrajeruDavid MannersSander Mangel.

Last year we met with Anna at Mage Titans at Manchester. Happy faces.

Such events help to find great people and have fun together.

Practice Your skills

There are minimum 2 skills you may practice. Development and Writting. As per my experience from previous MageStackDay events there questions which expect you to open PHPStorm, find a place in code, figure out how this code works :), and provide proper answer.

Sometimes you would need to provide piece of code as your answer to better explain your thoughts around subject. You may be good at explaining plain English or showing what you mean in the code. Preferably both at the same time.

Share and Gain new Knowledge

It doesn’t matter whether you are Magento core member, former Magento core member, newbie, Magento Expert, Magento Master or junior developer (list should be longer but I value your time) you will get new knowledge while answering questions. Magento 2 platform is under active development and amount of code changes we experience every release is huge. Chances you will get something new are high.

Be Part of Magento Community

Being a part of Magento Community is fun. Super fun. There are lots of humor and jokes, developer jokes. Ask Ben Marks :). By the end of the day, it is a big Magento family. In case you haven’t felt it you definitely be more than welcome to join.


It is like red and blue pills for Neo from Matrix movie. You have to decide for yourself whether it will be usual Friday and Saturday or endless opportunity to meet someone new, show yourself, gain more experience. What if your answer would change someone’s life? What if your life would change once you answer and CEO of a big eCommerce company will send you a job offer?

You can check the MageStackDay website for details. Make sure to register using this Form.

See you at MageConfDay!

Happy answering!







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