A Sneak Peek into Magento 2 Backend Developer Training

With just a few days left before Magento 2 Backend Developer Training, I would like to make a little “spoiler” about what you are going to learn there. Of course, there is no way I can fit a complete training program into a blog post, but still, I will try to give you a taste of what we will talk about during these two days, August 29-30, 2019.

The program is quite intensive with eight modules describing Magento backend development. I was rather hard-pressed to choose what to highlight in this post, as each module is important and plays a key part in building eCommerce websites. Finally, I decided to start “ab ovo” and focus on the feature that makes it easier to install Magento and upgrade it to a new version. 

You guessed it – the Declarative Schema. It has been specifically introduced to facilitate Magento installation and upgrade and deserves a dedicated module in our training.

The declarative schema first appeared in Magento 2.3 which makes it rather a new feature.  Before that, developers had to write special PHP scripts to enable Magento upgrade. Moreover, if you skipped a version or two during the upgrade, you still needed scripts for all versions in-between. Thus, a Magento upgrade was quite a challenge for developers.

Magento 2.3 changed this situation dramatically. With the declarative schema, there is no need to write all those scripts. You just need to specify or declare, which final state your Magento database should have after the upgrade. The database will be modified automatically according to your instructions.

Of course, while it sounds simple, in reality, you need to prepare and configure your declarative schema properly, and that requires skill and knowledge. However, once you learn how to do it, you will be amazed at how straightforward Magento upgrades become and how much unnecessary work is removed.

During the training, I will walk you through all the steps of preparing your system and setting up the declarative schema. You will learn how to configure it to enable easy Magento upgrades and how to debug it if needed.

Moreover, you will not only learn but practice doing it on your own. My program is heavily packed with practical exercises, and one of them will be building your very own declarative schema.

Being Magento enthusiasts, we at Pronko Consulting are committed to sharing what we know and like about it with you. This is why I am looking forward to meeting you in London on August 29-30 to talk about the latest Magento innovations and tools making web development more streamlined and efficient. If you have not reserved your seat yet, now it’s time to do it. Take advantage of the special offer valid till August 24, 2019, and let’s meet in London!



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