Magento Tech Digest #2 - News, Tutorials and Tools (August 21 - September 3, 2017)

Magento Tech Digest #2 - News, Tutorials and Tools (August 21 - September 3, 2017)

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In this digest you can find interesting and practical tutorials for Magento 2 development. Feel free to share your feedback. Also, make sure to send your topic for Magento Imagine 2018 if you have something to share.

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Magento 2 GitHub Pull Requests - Max's TOP favourites

Here is my list of Pull Requests which I selected for your attention.


There was a discussion around bumping up Magento 2 module version in case PHP 7+ version is increased. Find out more at Doctrine website PHP 7.1 requirement for Doctrine packages post written by Andreas Braun. In other words, Magento 2 team confirms same approach as for Zend Framework and Doctrine projects.

Alan Storm, well known in Magento Community started new series of blog posts called Just Enough C for PHP. It will be very interesting for PHP folks to get clear understanding on how PHP functions works and its implementation on C side.

As you may notice, Magento 2 is going to support PHP 7+ only. It means we, as developers will get all the benefits introduced as part of PHP 7. Igor Minialo asks opinion about using strict_mode=1 for the entire Magento 2 project. Make sure to vote and share your opinion.

This is all for the Magento Tech Digest #2. Let me know in comments below if I missed an interesting technical post. In case you would like to contribute to the next Magento Tech Digest please send me a message with your proposed link.

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