Declarative schema: easy Magento installation for everyone

Evolution exists in simplifying. Thus, Magento installation and upgrade processes became easier with Declarative Schema!

Automatizing is the path to develop the usage of Magento platform. There is no longer a need to press any additional button for declaring the final desired state of the database. The system by Declaration Schema is already adapted to do it automatically. There is no necessity to edit every new version of writing scripts or, furthermore, it is allowed to delete data removing the whole module.

The Declarative Schema makes possible to test the installation checking missing relations or other errors by dry-run mode creating. But every medal has its reverse. Developers still have to work manually. The new approach does not process all the module data. You should work with converting the content as well. To cut a long issue short, the Declarative Scheme is about the pros and cons of its usage.

Have you already get all the advantages and disadvantages of the new tool? Welcome to MageCONF 2019 conference! The most informative engagement about Mastering Declarative Schema by Max Pronko is waiting for you! How to use the new tool profitably? Any possibilities to avoid posers exploiting the Declarative Schema? These and many other questions will be answered during the event. See you in Kyiv on September 28, 2019, at MageCONF 2019 conference. Don’t forget to add this date to your Google Calendar to attend the biggest Ukrainian Magento event of the year!



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