Dublin Magento Meetup 11

I was visiting Ireland Magento Meetup in Dublin, October 6, 2015. There were two interesting topics – “Magento 2 is coming, get ready…” and “Demystifying the Payments Landscape”.

I am always happy to meet great people. Especially in my professional area. Especially when I meet them at Magento event. There was Magento Meetup organized by Steven Kenealy at October 6, 2015. And I am delighted to share with you an update.

About Magento Meetup

The Magento Meetup takes place in Dublin, Ireland. This event is organized by community member Steven Kenealy from the Co-Founder Monsoon Consulting company. The agenda for every Meetup is to talk about technical and non-technical topics about Magento product, news, share experience and related areas. By the time I write this update there were 11 events in Dublin so far. Feel free to join Magento Meetup Ireland.

If you are living outside of Ireland you may want to check Magento Meetups in your area. Alternatively you may start your own Meetup group.


For the Magento Meetup 11 there were 2 topics discussed

Magento 2 is coming, get ready…

Gordon Knoppe who is a Business Solutions Architect as part of Magento Expert Consulting Group opened the event with “Magento 2 is coming, get ready…” topic. Gordon went through key Magento 2 architectural changes, including extension points (plugins, events and configuration), importance of the Magento 2 documentation and contribution to it. Magento 2 has introduced Varnish support for Community Edition, PHP7 support and HHVM.

Paul Boisvert (Head of Product Management, Magento) mentioned about Magento 2 performance some time ago:

Performance is for everyone, scalability is for enterprise merchants.

It means that Magento team is happy to share, support and invest into Performance for Magento 2 Community Edition, however scalability (e.g. Scalable Checkout, Scalable Order Management etc.) is going to be a part of Magento 2 Enterprise Edition.

Gordon also said that Magento Connect 2.0 will be improved compare to current version. And it will be all about quality of extensions.

Here is a great news from Gordon:

Magento 2 will take its first real production order any day now.

You can find Gordon’s presentation by following this Google Doc Link.

Demystifying the Payments Landscape

After Magento 2 update guys from Realex Payments presented “Demystifying the Payments Landscape” topic. Aruna Anand who is Channel Partner Manager at Realex Payments presented a synopsis of the payments process, the main players, and their roles, what’s on the horizon for online payments.

After Aruna’s presentation there were Q&A section together with Seán MacDomhnall who is Channel Solutions Architect at Realex Payments.

Event Summary

It was really great to meet Irish Magento community and share experience. Also, every great event in Dublin should be finished with lots of beer and fun. Thanks to Realex Payments for sponsoring After Party. 🙂

Hope to see everyone next time.

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