Tracking Customer Emails in Magento 2

In August 2016 I’ve had a chance to write Guest Post on the newly released blog by Zynovo team. In the Tracking Customer Emails in Magento 2 article, I went through the detailed step-by-step guide on creating jQuery Widget on Magento Store Front.

Majority of customer forms are implemented using jQuery Widgets and phtml templates. jQuery Widgets are probably one of the best techniques introduced in Magento 2 to provide dynamic interaction with a customer. You may find various Widgets usage in such features as Calendar, Accordion, Datepicker etc. The benefit of using jQuery Widgets is really worth understanding how it works.

The Email Tracking Widget is used to track email field of a newsletter form. Once changed, widget validates email and collects email value. Email Tracking Widget allows to extend functionality and send email to a 3rd party marketing provider.

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