Magento Tech Digest #5 – News, Tutorials and Tools (October 9-30, 2017)

Hi Magento Developers!

I am happy to share Magento Tech Digest #5. In the Digest, you can find lots of PHP and JavaScript tutorials which will help you to become better Magento Developer.

News and Updates





  • MSI Open Demo, October 13, 2017. In this presentation MSI team shows: Prevent Default Source/Stock to be deleted. Integration tests on Travis are green. Now need to take into account Travis status during
  • MSI Open Demo. October 20, 2017. Topics are covered, Default Stock Story closed and Source Item import export
  • MSI Open Demo. October 27, 2017. The following topics are covered:
    1. MSI support of Backorder functionality by @Yaroslav Rogoza
    2. MSI support of Drop Shipping functionality by @Yaroslav Rogoza and @iminiailo
    3. Shipping Carrier Validation moved to the Service Layer by @larsroettig
    4. Sales channel to Stock assignment UI and APIs by @steinkopffp
    5. Inventory Import/Export (Source Items) by @vadimjustus
    6. Low Stock report. Basic concept for MSI @deiserh
    7. Multi-Dimensional indexation @vgoncharenko


If you see a TYPO or would like to share a link for the next Magento Tech Digest please send me a note or comment below in the comments section. Thank you.







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