Magento Tech Digest #6 – News, Tutorials and Tools (October 31 – November 13, 2017)

Hi Magento Developers!

I am happy to share Magento Tech Digest #6. In the Digest, you can find lots of PHP and JavaScript tutorials which will help you to become better Magento Developer.

News and Updates





  • How to Move Address Field in Checkout – Magento 2 by Max Pronko. In the video you will learn how to modify fields configuration for both shipping and billing addresses in Magento 2 checkout.
  • MSI Open Demo. November 3, 2017 by Igor Minyaylo. In the video you can get an update about SalesChannel to Stock relation in Magento Multi-Source Inventory.
  • MSI Open Demo. November 10, 2017 by Igor Minyaylo. Presentation of SalesChannel to Stock relation in Magento Multi-Source Inventory. Description of Integration MSI into the catalog inventory.
  • Mage Titans Manchester Session 1 In the video: Ben Marks – Guest Host, Phillip Jackson – Failing My Way to the Top: Overcoming Adversity and Finding Personal Success, Maria Kern – Magento 2 UI Components – The JS part, and Vinai Kopp – Magento 2 Frontend Development with ClojureScript
  • Mage Titans Manchester Session 2 In the video: Fabian Schmengler – Magento Test Automation: My Journey, Raj Chevli – Separation of Code and State – The Sequel, and Igor Melnykov – Writing Extensions Best Practices
  • Mage Titans Manchester Session 3 In the video: Shane Osbourne – Using React-Native to build an M2 powered App on both iOS and Android, Riccardo Tempesta – Magento 2 under siege: defense strategies and attack patterns identification, Igor Miniailo – Architecture and workflow of the Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) project, and Peter Mintchev – Managing the Design Process – How to deliver measurable value to your clients through design
  • Mage Titans Manchester Session 4 In the video: Matthew Haworth – The Command Line for Magento Developers, Max Pronko – Checkout customizations in Magento 2, Felix Delval – Follow the Magento Order Management down the rabbit hole, and James Zetlen – Magento PWA Studio: See What’s On The Slab.


  • magespecialist/mage-chrome-toolbar by MageSpecialist. Magento Chrome Toolbar is a chrome extension to be used with MSP_DevTools for Magento 1 or Magento 2. This extension allows you to quickly access the information you need to debug your Magento performances, to build your new theme or to modify an existing one.
  • by Ray Bogman. is a set of Open Source tools that helps you make your Magento web pages faster.
  • Vinai/magento-cljs-giftlist by Vinai Kopp. This is an example Magento 2 module to demonstrate the use of ClojureScript in the Magento 2 platform.
  • magespecialist/m2-MSP_Security_Suite by MageSpecialist. A toolbox to provide one of the most effective protection to your Magento2 website.

MageTitans Manchester

The MageTitans Manchester conference has been fully packed with technical presentations from Magento Experts. Here are presentations you can check in case you missed the event or would like to note tips and best practices for your day-to-day development routines:

Slides will be added as soon as they will be uploaded by the speakers.


Magento Contribution Days continue to grow over different locations. This time the event took place in Spain. “25 Pull Request, MSI two new features, and 30 bugs taken in progress.” said Max Yekaterynenko.


If you see a TYPO or would like to share a link for the next Magento Tech Digest please send me a note or comment below in the comments section. Thank you.







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