Magento Tech Digest #7 – News, Tutorials and Tools (November 14 – December 4, 2017)

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Hi Magento Developers!

I am happy to share Magento Tech Digest #7.

News and Updates






  • How to Manually Install Storefront Theme in Magento 2 by Max Pronko. In this tutorial, Max reviews available options on how 3rd party custom Storefront theme can be installed on Magento 2. We will install purchased Storefront theme manually.
  • MSI Open Demo. November 17, 2017 by Igor Minyaylo. In this video the following topics are discussed: Sales Channels Mapping improvements (@vnayda @Bartłomiej Szymański). Migrate Single Stock Data From CatalogInventory to MSI SourceItems (@Bartłomiej Szymański). Introduce initial Inventory Configuration Module (@Yaroslav Rogoza). Code Quality Improvement, Stock assignment improvement (@andrew).
  • MSI Open Demo. November 24, 2017 by Igor Minyaylo. Integration MSI with existing CatalogInventory code. Checkout @Bartłomiej Szymański The general strategy of CatalogInventory and MSI integration @iminiailo Static test which checks for required strict typing usage @Dwayne Hanekamp (presented by @vnayda) Fix to Replace strategy for SourceItem import and cover that with Integration test (@larsroettig) Introduce a link between Default Website and default Stock (did not work, because Default Website created with plain SQL query ) @Sinisa (presented by @iminiailo) Product Import. Qty field supposed to be handled by MSI APIs and saved to Default Source Item @joshcarter (presented by @iminiailo) ** Multi-Dimensional Indexes (@vnayda)
  • MSI Open Demo. December 1, 2017 by Igor Minyaylo. Added configuration option for choosing between strong consistency and Eventual one. Presented by @Sinisa Integration story. Deleting MSI source item when legacy CatalogInventory stock item has been deleted. Presented by @Sinisa Product Import functionality. File format extended to support MSI data. Presented by @joshcarter Inventory Configuration introduced. (used for Low Stock notification story). Presented by @Yaroslav Rogoza




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Max Pronko is an international Magento Expert, development consultant, motivational speaker and Magento award-winning developer. He is known for the educational development programs for organizations of all sizes and has positively affected thousands of people and organizations worldwide.

Posted on Dec 4, 2017

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