New Lesson: A Module in Magento 2

Hello there, many of you may be heard about the new Mage Mastery project I am proud of. If you haven’t heard, Mage Mastery is the ultimate learning resource for developers who want to learn Magento 2. Starting from the very basics of Magento 2 development and installation, Mage Mastery will walk you through all steps toward becoming a Magento Master and Magento 2 Professional Certified Developer.

You may find different courses and lessons on Mage Mastery, where you can select a level of complexity and start your Mage Mastery journey.

Most importantly, Mage Mastery is a FREE learning resource.

Enough about the introduction, let’s get to the topic of this post. I am pleased to announce the availability of the new lesson in Magento 2 for Beginners course.

A Module in Magento 2 lesson walks you through origins of what is a module in Magento 2, how to create and register a module in a Magento 2 Open Source and Magento 2 Commerce.

Check out the lesson and get back with your feedback. If you feel sharing your thoughts or ideas, I will be happy to read in the comments below this post.





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