Useful Magento Links #1

While you are looking for new and interesting software development content, I’ve prepared for you 3 great topics to read to improve your development skills building Magento 2 websites.

Goodbye, Object-Oriented Programming

A few weeks ago I found an interesting article about OOP at Medium. It is called Goodbye, Object Oriented Programming. Charles Scalfani highlights his thoughts around The Three Pillars of the Paradigm: Inheritance, Encapsulation, and Polymorphism. It made me think about OOP one more time. I really recommend to read it.

Development Design Patterns in Magento 2

I also published my Key Insights into Development Design Patterns in Magento 2 presentation at the Blog. Finally. Please have a read and share your thoughts about Design Patterns and Aspect Oriented Programming in comments.

Do not blindly trust benchmarks, analyze them

Ivan Chepurniy published very great performance analysis between Magento 1 and Magento 2. Ivan explains in his post Do not blindly trust benchmarks, analyze them why everything should be always analyzed before any conclusions.

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