Magento Tech Digest #113

The Magento world is huge and constantly evolving. Each week something new is happening – a product update, a new tool, an industry event, a knowledge-sharing initiative. I want to make it easier for you to find your way in the ocean of Magento-related information by putting together this digest.

Here, I list all the recent Magento news that I think are worth your attention. I am familiar with Magento as a hands-on developer, a consultant, a speaker, and a trainer. I see and evaluate Magento news and updates from all these points of view selecting the information that brings value to developers, online merchants, and Magento students.

I try to fill my digest with the most important product updates, the most engaging tutorials, the most critical events that concern Magento and eCommerce in general. I want it to become your starting point and guide in the Magento universe. Click the links and see what is happening around the most popular eCommerce platform.

For your convenience, I’m adding a link to the previous Magento Tech Digest #112 in case you missed it.

Magento Tutorials

How to improve your Magento Performance with a free tool by Maria Zayac

Ultimate Guide to Magento 2 Dropshipping by Firebear Studio

Magento 2 Backend Exploration: Dynamic Blocks by Firebear Studio

How to Upgrade Magento 2 with composer by Gaurav Jain

How to Remove Magento Store URLs From Google Search Results by Gaurav Jain

How to Configure Sales Email / Order Confirmation in Magento 2 by Gaurav Jain

How to Validate Form Without Submitting Data in Magento 2 by Dhiren Vasoya

Magento 2: How to Insert Products on Homepage by Gaurav Jain

Unified User Guide for Magento 2.3 by Leslie_tilling

Magento 2 Migration: The Most Definitive Guide On the Web (Updated for 2020) by Alex Husar

Magento 2 Mobile Speed Optimization – A 2020-ready Guide by Alex Husar

Simplifying Magento Setup Data Patch Scripts with SimpleData by Mark Shust

Magento’s Not Sane Google reCAPTCHA v3 Implementation by Max Chadwick

How to Create New Magento 2 Theme by Dmitriy Parhomenko

Magento 2 Custom Dynamic Maintenance Page with NGINX by Gaiterjones

Magento 2 – How to get external API value in the Ui component form by using a custom HTML button by Milan

Mage Mastery

I am thrilled to announce my new project. Mage Mastery is for developers by developers. Mage Mastery is a free learning resource for all topics related to Magento 2. Whether you want to learn backend or frontend of Magento 2 development, this is the place to go.

Magento 2 Development Workshop by Max Pronko


Creating Configurable Product Programmatically in Magento 2 by BlogTreat

How to create custom log file in module in Magento 2 by Chirag


How to Remove Blocks or Containers From Layout Magento 2 by Gaurav Jain

Add Category Filter to Product Grid in Magento 2 Admin by Rohan Hapani


Magento 2 Module Development – Part 3 by Max Pronko

MFTF 3.0.0 Release Candidate 3 by Magento Community Engineering

Adobe Stock Integration public meeting, 27th May 2020 by Magento Community Engineering

PWA Studio Community Sync 29 May, 2020 by Magento Community Engineering

Virtual Type in Magento 2 Explained by Max Pronko

Dependency Injection (Inversion of Control of the SOLID) explained by Max Pronko

Personalize Magento 2 Admin Login page with a company Brand Logo by Max Pronko

Angular in Magento 2, does it worth using? by Max Pronko


Magento 2 Development Training by Max Pronko

MA Connect and the future of Magento events by Slava Kravchuk

Meet Magento UK 2020 in London, UK (Online) on June 17 to June 18, 2020


Magento Tech Digest #112 by Max Pronko

Converge Elavon for Magento 2: Why you should consider it for your online store by Max Pronko

Magento “classic” frontend vs. decoupled headless PWA by Mark Shust

Introducing Facebook Shops: What to expect for Magento 2 stores? by Rosie Phan

4 Things You Can’t Forget On Magento Landing Page by Quinn Tran

Magento Dropshipping 101: How To Succeed? by Quinn Tran

Magento 1 End of Life: How to Meet PCI Compliance by Jillian Hufford

Best Free Magento 2 Marketing Automation Extensions For Your Online Store by Magecom

Magento 2.3.5 Release: Overview, New Features & Improvements by Magecom

Did you find something interesting?

I hope you did. I personally think these resources are worth following and subscribing to. However, I may have missed something and would really appreciate if you showed me where else we can find relevant Magento information. Please share links and tell me what you think about Magento digest and how I can make it better.






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