Magento Tech Digest #149

The Magento world is huge and constantly evolving. Each week something new is happening – a product update, a new tool, an industry event, a knowledge-sharing initiative. I want to make it easier for you to find your way in the ocean of Magento-related information by putting together this digest.

Here, I list all the recent Magento news that I think are worth your attention. I am familiar with Magento as a hands-on developer, a consultant, a speaker, and a trainer. I see and evaluate Magento news and updates from all these points of view selecting the information that brings value to developers, online merchants, and Magento students.

I try to fill my digest with the most important product updates, the most engaging tutorials, the most critical events that concern Magento and eCommerce in general. I want it to become your starting point and guide in the Magento universe. Click the links and see what is happening around the most popular eCommerce platform.

For your convenience, I’m adding a link to the previous Magento Tech Digest #148 in case you missed it.

Magento Tutorials

How to Export Data to Custom Table in Magento 2 by Firebear Studio

How to send Newsletters Manually to Customer Group in Magento 2 by Gaurav Jain

Magento 2 Shipping Carriers – How to Configure FedEx Carrier by Gaurav Jain

Magento 2 Shipping Carriers – How to Configure DHL Carrier by Gaurav Jain

Magento 2 Shipping Carriers – How to Configure USPS Carrier by Gaurav Jain

Magento 2 Shipping Carriers – How to Configure UPS Carrier by Gaurav Jain

Introducing the Upgrade Compatibility Tool by Surya Lamech, Sandra Gonzalez Mangana

How to Use Grunt in Magento 2 by Rohan Hapani

How to Set Fotorama Gallery Thumbnail as Vertical in Magento 2 by Rohan Hapani

How To Install MageAnts Magento 2 Extensions Step By Step Guide by Dhiren Rock

How to Get Product Attribute Set Name in Magento 2 by Jignesh Parmar

Solved: Failed to Open Stream Error While Compiling PluginListGenerator.php in Magento 2.4.1 by Yash Bhayani

How to Configure Magento 2 Elasticsearch by Ronak Bhatti

How to Setup Separate Theme for Desktop and Mobile in Magento 2 by Kishor Chhugani

Solved : Type Error Occurred When Creating Object in Magento 2 by Jignesh Parmar

Solved : Blank Pages Issue After Compilation Command in Magento 2 by Amit Hariyani

Mage Mastery

I am thrilled to announce my new project. Mage Mastery is for developers by developers. Mage Mastery is a free learning resource for all topics related to Magento 2. Whether you want to learn backend or frontend of Magento 2 development, this is the place to go.

Magento 2 Development Workshop by Max Pronko


How to Add Image / Logo to Payment Method in Checkout by MageVision

How to Display Hover Image on Product Listing Page in Magento 2 by Chirag

Magento 2: Add Custom Field to Product Option Templates by Alex Gamayunov

How to Add Quantity Field in Invoice Total in Magento 2 Admin Panel by Kanchi Upadhyay


How to Get Quote Details with Custom Extension Attributes value using REST API In Magento 2 by Dhiren Vasoya

Magento 2: How to Add New Field in Admin User Create Form by Dhiren Vasoya

How to Add Header and Footer in Checkout in Magento 2 by Rohan Hapani


How to Add External CSS and JS in Magento 2 by Rohan Hapani

Magento Community Updates

Get Your Hands On Magento 2.4.2 by Firebear Studio

Magento Migration to PHP 8 Update by Sivashchenko

Magento Developer Community Update – February 2021 by Ben Marks


PWA Studio Community Sync 03 Feb, 2021 by Magento Community Engineering

How your Magento 2 repository should look like by Max Pronko

3 PHPUnit Features You Should Use for Unit Tests in Magento 2 by Max Pronko

All you need to know about Unit Tests and Magento 2 by Max Pronko

Magento 2 advice for experienced developers by Max Pronko

Magento 2 API tests and how to write TESTS by Max Pronko

What Happened in eCommerce & Magento in January 2021 by GoMage — Magento Development Company

Cancel Order for Magento 2 (v.1.0.5) by MageComp

Instagram Feed for Magento 2 (v.1.0.5) by MageComp

Juspay Payment Gateway for Magento 2 (v. 1.0.1) by MageComp

SMS Notification Basic for Magento 2 (v.1.0.9) by MageComp

Wepay Payment Gateway for Magento 2 (v.1.0.1) by MageComp

WhatsApp Contact for Magento 2 (v.1.0.2) by MageComp

WhatsApp Contact Pro for Magento 2 (v.1.0.1) by MageComp


Magento 2 Development Training by Max Pronko

Magento Community Diverse Speaker Training – What is Coming Up In The New Year by Sherrie Rohde

Creating a Welcoming and Diverse Magento Event Space – Workshop by Sherrie


Magento Tech Digest #148 by Max Pronko

Meet Magento India 2021 – Recap and Insights [#MM21IN] by Aastha Shah

What eCommerce News Made the Headlines in January 2021? by GoMage

5 Tips to Raise E-commerce Sales With Magento Commerce in 2021 by Magento Developer Group

5 Top Trends-Future of eCommerce 2021 by Olha Bohatchuk

An Ultimate Guide on Magento Multi-Channel Selling Solution by Tanya

Did you find something interesting?

I hope you did. I personally think these resources are worth following and subscribing to. However, I may have missed something and would really appreciate if you showed me where else we can find relevant Magento information. Please share links and tell me what you think about Magento digest and how I can make it better.






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