Magento Tech Digest #155

The Magento world is huge and constantly evolving. Each week something new is happening – a product update, a new tool, an industry event, a knowledge-sharing initiative. I want to make it easier for you to find your way in the ocean of Magento-related information by putting together this digest.

Here, I list all the recent Magento news that I think are worth your attention. I am familiar with Magento as a hands-on developer, a consultant, a speaker, and a trainer. I see and evaluate Magento news and updates from all these points of view selecting the information that brings value to developers, online merchants, and Magento students.

I try to fill my digest with the most important product updates, the most engaging tutorials, the most critical events that concern Magento and eCommerce in general. I want it to become your starting point and guide in the Magento universe. Click the links and see what is happening around the most popular eCommerce platform.

For your convenience, I’m adding a link to the previous Magento Tech Digest #154 in case you missed it.

Magento Tutorials

7 Proven Steps to Speed up Your Magento 2 Store by Gaurav Jain

How to Display Simple Product Image for Configurable Product Image in Magento 2 Mini Cart and Cart by Dipak Vadher

How to Join 2 Tables in Magento 2 by Jignesh Parmar

How to Set Image Gallery Fotorama Thumbnail as Vertical View in Magento 2 by Milan Vaghela

Solved: Media Gallery Doesn’t Show Any Images in Magento 2.4.1 by Kishor Chhugani

Boost your site speed applying Google PageSpeed Insights suggestions by Eugen Barilyuk

How to Edit Recently Viewed Products Price Position in Magento 2? by Ktpl

Fixing Magento 2 Core MySQL performance issues using Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) by Yegor Shytikov

Mage Mastery

I am thrilled to announce my new project. Mage Mastery is for developers by developers. Mage Mastery is a free learning resource for all topics related to Magento 2. Whether you want to learn backend or frontend of Magento 2 development, this is the place to go.

Magento 2 Development Workshop by Max Pronko


How to Get Review, Rating Collection in Magento 2 by Dhiren Vasoya

How to Prevent Adding Same Product to Cart more than One time in Magento 2 by Dhiren Vasoya

How to Install Magento 2.4.2 on Localhost Using Xampp by Yash Bhayani

How to Add New Field in Cart Price Rules Form in Magento 2 Backend by Jignesh Parmar


How to add Custom Tab in Customer Account in Magento 2 by Dhiren Vasoya

How to Add Phone Number Validation in Checkout in Magento 2 by Rohan Hapani

How to Create a Custom Log File in Magento 2 by Sukeshini Rathnayake

How to Add Custom Input Mask for ZIP Code in Magento 2 by Chandresh Chauhan


Demystified Magento PWA Studio Checkout by Lars Roettig


PWA Studio Community Sync 17 March, 2021 by Magento Community Engineering

Mailchimp Email Marketing extension in Magento 2, how to install and configure – ULTIMATE TUTORIAL by Max Pronko

Angular in Magento 2, does it worth using? by Max Pronko

The BEST code editor for Magento 2 FOUND by Max Pronko

File Permissions for Magento 2 development by Max Pronko

What SKILLS are required to be GOOD Magento 2 developer by Max Pronko

How your Magento 2 repository should look like by Max Pronko

Chat Integration for Magento 2 (v.1.0.0) by MageComp

Custom Price for Magento 2 (v.1.0.2) by MageComp

Custom Redirect for Magento 2 (v.1.0.2) by MageComp

hCaptcha for Magento 2 (v.1.0.0) by MageComp

Notification Bar for Magento 2 (v.1.0.0) by MageComp

Product Fees for Magento 2 (v.1.0.2) by MageComp


Magento 2 Development Training by Max Pronko

Why you should dive right into the Adobe Summit 2021: 5 reasons to participate by Eugen Barilyuk


Magento Tech Digest #154 by Max Pronko

One Year Later: How the Pandemic has Changed Digital Commerce by Corey Gelato

How to create a successful B2B marketplace website? by Rida Fatima

Effective Tips to Protect eCommerce Sites from Client-Side Attacks by Magento Developer Group

Types of search queries: High-frequency, Mid-frequency and Low-frequency by Anastasia Kushnir

7 Reasons Why Magento Is So Successful For Ecommerce by Ronak Meghani

20 Areas of Improvement To Reduce Magento Bounce Rates by Robert Rand

How To Choose The Best Magento Agency For Your Business by Fayyaz Khattak

Why Choose Magento For Building An Online eCommerce Store In 2021? by Emma Jhonson

Top 12+ Magento Ecommerce Agencies in 2021 worldwide by KMF Infotech

Did you find something interesting?

I hope you did. I personally think these resources are worth following and subscribing to. However, I may have missed something and would really appreciate if you showed me where else we can find relevant Magento information. Please share links and tell me what you think about Magento digest and how I can make it better.






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