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The Magento Tech Digest is the biggest collection of resources dedicated to Magento development and the related topics. Here, you can find opinions and recommendations of Magento professionals, various how-tos, products reviews, event announcements, video tutorials, and much more.

For Magento beginners, this is a great place to tap to the knowledge of development gurus. For experienced developers, this is an opportunity to find information on eCommerce innovations, discuss new tools and techniques. For anyone wishing to share knowledge and learn about the latest trends in Magento development, there are announcements of upcoming events.

Just click through the links and stay abreast of the latest news from the Magento universe!  

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Magento Tutorials

Payment Integration in Magento 2 by Max Pronko

How to Set up Magento 2 Multi Stores by Roman Kurilin

How to Enable CAPTCHA in Magento 2 by Vladimir Khrebtov

How to Auto filled Checkout shipping address form fields in Magento 2 by MageComp

How to restrict your customer from adding the product to cart in Magento 2 by MageComp

How to Test Magento 2 API with Postman? [Backend] by Pavel Gabrusevich

Magento Database Optimization [Complete Guide] by Alina Bragina

How to Get Simple Product from Magento 2 Configurable Product Before Add to Cart by Sanjay Jethva

How to Create Plugin in Magento 2 by Sanjay Jethva

9 Ways to Check Magento Version by Sanjay Jethva

How to Enable Magento Error Log by Sanjay Jethva

34-Points Accurate Magento 2 Go Live Checklist by Sanjay Jethva

Magento2 | Cache Management for Beginner | Part2 by Mr. Jute

Magento2 | Store cache into Database | Cache Management for Beginner | Part3 by Mr. Jute

Cache Management for Beginner | How to enable Varnish Cache in Magento 2 | Part4 by Mr. Jute

Cache Management for Beginner | How to configure Memcache in Magento 2 | Part5 by Mr. Jute

How to Add Column with Filter to Magento 2 Orders Grid? by Sergey Uchuhlebov

How to Transfer Magento 2 Site from Localhost to Server? by Sergey Uchuhlebov

Stop refreshing the @#$%&! indexes by John Hughes

Magento Community Updates

Community Engineering Newsletter, May 20 – 24, 2019 by lkrell

New Magento Releases and Security Updates Coming June 25, 2019 by lkrell

Code Sniff Test Updates for the Extension Quality Program by etalbott

Required libsodium upgrade for latest Magento release by lkrell

Community Engineering Newsletter, May 25 – 31, 2019 by lkrell


Magento 2 Bash Script Installer by MagePsycho

Bash Script: Backup Magento 2 Code + Database by MagePsycho


Strong Interest in Amazon Sales Channel Ahead of Prime Day by Jason Woosley

Braintree Integration for Progressive Web Apps with Magento Helps Merchants Quickly Expand Their Payment Experience by Eric Erway


Experience with REST API vs Controller in Magento 2 by Max Pronko

Magento Architectural Discussion — June, 19, 2019 by Magento Community Engineering

Magento Adobe Stock Integration Demo. June 17, 2019 by Magento Community Engineering

PWA Community Meeting 21 June, 2019 by Magento Community Engineering

Do you know Magento 2 UI Components well enough? by Max Pronko

How to establish an extension development Business? by Max Pronko

Automotive ecommerce is difficult with ACES and PIES by eCommerce-Aholic

Magento Master 2019 by eCommerce-Aholic

Magento 2 Open Source vs. Magento Commerce by eCommerce-Aholic


It’s Always Good to Meetup by Elle Williams

Magento Innovations Lab Round Five & Sneaks are Coming to MagentoLive Europe 2019 by Michele Miller


Magento Tech Digest #63 by Max Pronko

New Magento Glossary is live! by shriespangler

Magento Mods Exploratory Testing: 12 Tours for Beginners by Stanislav Voytenko

#MagentoMonday Community Digest 2019.06.17 by Sherrie

Magento 1 vs Magento 2: Should You Stay or Should You Go? by rbailey

Magento Stores Are Getting Hacked by Secret_@

Summing up

If you come across some Magento-related resources that you think are worth following, please share them with me, and I may include them in the Magento Tech Digest, too.






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